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Hentairella 2

If you loved the first Hentairella (and frankly, why the fuck wouldn't you?), then you'll lose your shit over its sequel, Hentairella 2, which takes everything that you loved about the first game, and gives you oh so much more. The star of this game will be a just freshly turned 18 year old big breasted blonde vixen who is on a long duration trip through outer space. Though with long duration space travel, there's always a big issue - it gets incredibly lonely and boring... and even worse for our star, this is a solo mission. At least most ships have some other crew to interact with, but no such luck for her unfortunately. The only companion she has with her for her trip is her cherished stuffed bunny... but, maybe he can somehow give her some help to satisfy those deep feminine desires of hers? Start the action out in this game by clicking on the six red buttons that are lined up along the top of the screen - these buttons will toggle various articles of clothing on her on and off. Make her look however you want, and once you've got her dolled up and looking perfect, click on that trusty stuffed bunny of hers... who will then spring to life, and give her that sexual release that she so, so badly has been yearning for.