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Enslaver Princess Peach

In the "what the fuck else is new" category, poor helpless Princess Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom has once again found herself kidnapped at the hands of ruthless reptile villain Bowser. This is the part where you expect to be playing as Mario and Luigi as you go to rescue her once again... but, you'd be wrong - this time around things are quite a bit different - you're playing as the villain, Bowser. You're horny and eager to slam your spiky reptile cock into the princess's warm and fuzzy peach - but as things always go for the King of the Koopas, those pesky Italian plumbers are on their way to come and stop you, and you don't exactly have a lot of time before they will reach you. Time will be of the essence here, so Bowser will need to hurry to get his dick wet. This game features some highly fun and addictive tactical style game play, some great graphics, steamy sound effects, and some steamy XXX action, making it a title that you are sure to love.