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Due Rent

Fresh from art school, the hipster guy that you play as in this game has just moved into his first place on his own. While he loves the freedom, but he had no idea how much money it actually costs you to live by yourself. And being a struggling, up and coming artist, it's hard to have the money needed. He's got himself a part time job at the grocery store, but he's not getting enough hours to cover all of his bills. The rent is now far past due, and the landlord is angrily pounding on your door demanding that you pay up. She brings you over to her place for the two of you two try and work out some sort of arrangement... and once she ends up catches you getting hard and playing with yourself as you are peeping on her while she masturbates, she's decided she's willing to let the rent slide if you do a nice and good job fucking her tits, mouth, pussy, and asshole!