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Dirty Dinner Table

Hope you're hungry, because this is going to be one ever so delicious meal - lots and lots of pussy on the menu! Dirty Dinner Table puts you into the seat of the director's chair at a high class porno shoot. The game graphics are made up of live action video, and it's so detailed and clear that it's almost as though you're sitting right there on the set! The scene depicted in the game takes place outdoors, with three girls and three guys. Naturally, you can expect lots of cock sucking, pussy eating, fingering, groping, sex, anal, you name it! Periodically as you play the game you'll end up getting asked questions by the girl, and you'll have to give an answer from a list of choices. Answer wrong and you'll get a game over, and have to start all over if you want to see all the steamy sights contained within Dirty Dinner Table. Answer right though, and the action will keep going and get hotter and hotter with every minute. A little tip from us - the answers to the questions the girls ask are pretty obvious - so click those if you want to keep the scene going and watch all of it.