Crawling Dick

Here's one that's a bit similar to that Snake game that you likely spent hours upon hours playing on your built like a tank Nokia cell phone from the early 2000s. When you play Crawling Dick, your goal is to force the dick to fuck himself. He's out on a mission, hell bent on and determined to find pussies to penetrate - but you're not going to allow that, you want to save the pussies. Drag them by using your mouse, or finger if you are using the game on a touch enabled display. Do everything that you can to make the dick bend in such a way the he ends up penetrating his own body with his head. Manage to bend the dick a total of ten times, and you will win the game and receive your reward, in the form of some hot and steamy XXX sights and sounds. For each time that you are able to bend the dick, you will earn back one of your lost pussies. Be careful though - if you are so unfortunate as to lose four pussies, you are quite literally totally fucked - it's game over for you!