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Christie's Room: The Flight

Christie is a drop dead gorgeous big breasted blonde who goes both ways. Pussy, cock, she loves it all! One day she's finding herself feeling oh so horny, so she stops over at her friend Kim and Amber's place. An attempt is made to have some naughty fun with them, but sadly for Christie, they aren't interested. A most frustrated Christie says to hell with it, and hops on a plane to fly off for a much needed vacation. She's the first to board the plane, and not long after she's joined by a handsome hunk taking the seat next to her. He looks good, damn good - and she can't wait another second to have those desires of hers taken care of. Lucky for her, it's in short order that he's feeling her up and fingering her pussy before shoving every single inch of his rock hard cock deep inside of her soaking wet pussy. You'll have to be careful though - you don't want to get caught in the act by the other passengers boarding the plane!



Blonde Rodeo

Blonde Rodeo

They say everything is bigger down south in Texas - and it's really quite true, even the girls are bigger sluts down there than they are elsewhere! In Blonde Rodeo, you're at a bar deep down in the south, sipping on a few drinks by yourself when the most mouth watering blonde country girl comes in, decked out in her sluttiest and skimpiest cowgirl attire. She climbs on top of the bar's mechanical bull, and watching her hold on tight to that thing as it does what it can to buck her off, it fills up your mind with all sorts of dirty thoughts, hoping that tonight will end with her riding you in a similar way. After she finishes up the two of you have a couple drinks together, and before long she's more than willing to come bakc to your house with you for some naughty fun, and just when it seems like things couldn't possibly get even better for you, she decides to invite a group of her friends, just as sexy as she is, to come along with you. Now you'll be treated to an absolutely wild, oh so hot and steamy orgy where all of these foxy ladies will enjoy having each and every one of their tight holes used and abused. The graphics of this game are made up with live action video clips and crystal clear audio that enables you to perfectly see and hear how delighted these babes all are. Once in a while you will get prompted with choices to make, in the form of questions from the girls. There's only one right answer here, but thankfully, it's pretty obvious what the correct answer is. Answer right and the game continues, but answer wrong and it's game over for you!