Choco 2048

One sure to appeal to all of you fans of puzzle games, Choco 2048 is as you may have already guessed, yet another twist on the well known formula established by the 2048 game. When you play the game, you will be tasked with trying to merge together two chocolate tiles of the same values one next to the other one, and then clicking on one of the two to merge them together into a new tiles. The two will disappear and a new tile will take their place, with the value of the tile being the sum of the two tiles that made it up. Move along in color from milk chocolate to dark chocolate as you try and reach your target value of 2048. When you start out the game the action that you see will be fairly tame... but as your score increases, so does the level of the game - and with higher levels come steamier and more erotic sights and sounds to stimulate your senses as you put your brain to work with puzzle solving skills.