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Cheerleader Sex

Let's be honest here - back in high school, pretty much any of us who had a penis and a pulse fantasized about fucking a cheerleader. And for most of us, it was just that - a fantasy, that never got to be fulfilled before we graduated. Well, you're in luck, because now thanks to Cheerleader Sex you have finally gotten your chance to live out that fantasy of your younger self. You'll have yourself the most beautiful and busty blonde cheerleader who just freshly shaved her pussy and is waiting eagerly to take your big hard cock into her soaking wet pussy and air tight asshole. Knowing how much you love the outfit, she keeps on her uniform, minus the skirt to give you easy access to her pussy, proudly holding up her pom poms as you thrust your big hard cock in and out of her vagina. This game has an ability to be set to an auto mode, which naturally is great to keep your hands free for... well, you know!