Chaotic 512

Here's yet another twist of the wildly popular 2048 formula of puzzle games. Chaotic 512 is similar to 2048, but there's a few key changes - the biggest of which is that your target number is no longer 2048, but rather 512. When you are playing the game the game tiles will move chaotically around in the playing field. Your goal to win will be to catch tiles with equal values when they are lined up one next to the other and then clicking on one of the equal tiles to merge them. The two tiles will disappear from the playing field and a new one will appear to take their place, with the value of the tile being the sum of the pair of tiles that made it up. Keep at this until you eventually are able to reach your target top score of 512, and be sure to enjoy all of the steamy and erotic sights this top notch title has to offer along your way there!