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Boobie Sex

Earth is safe from what seemed like almost certain annihilation at the hands of Sephiroth and his Meteor thanks to the selfless and heroic actions of Cloud, Barret, and Tifa as well as the rest of their brave and strong crew. After having been so overwhelmed (yet holding up strong in the face of it) from the immense burden of saving the world, to go back into a peaceful and prosperous world leaves Tifa feeling, quite frankly, bored and yearning for some form of excitement to come back in to her life. She tried to think of things to do, but inevitably her brain would always fall back onto putting that oh so amazing body of hers to good work! And frankly, why wouldn't she? Tits as big and soft as that were simply meant to keep a cock nice and warm and happy as the wrap firmly around a shaft. You'll be guaranteed to be in heaven when you see a nice thick prick sliding back and forth between those giant jugs, bringing your cock closer and closer to orgasm with each and every little movement she makes. Like a pro she'll work your cock and make fuck faces at you until she manages to make you erupt and shoot your thick load of hot and sticky cum all over her... but being as thorough as she is, she'll make sure that she's managed to get every last drop of cum out by taking every inch of you deep down her eager throat.



Crimson Yuna

Crimson Yuna

Sin seemed to look poised to utterly and totally annihilate all forms of life on Earth - but thanks to the incredibly heroic deeds of Yuna, Tidus, Rikku, Wakka, Lulu, and Auron, the world is safe once again - at least for now. You would think that being in this situation would be a totally delight for Yuna - but it's been anything but. She's harboring a deep, deep sadness within her, one that she just can not seem to shake off no matter how hard she tries to do so. It's not like it's hard to see why though - right after they had all banded together and used their powers combined to vanquish the ancient beast Sin from existence, Tidus, the love of Yuna's life, vanished right there before her eyes. Poof, just like that - gone in a brief flash. With Tidus seemingly no longer existing in this world, poor young Yuna is all alone and doesn't have herself a man to calll her own - and it's got her feeling oh so sad, and very very lonely. All of this is made even worse by the fact that Yuna is a gorgeous young woman who's just now entering her sexual peak, with strong and deep desires, but sadly for her, there's not a lover around to help her out there. She's got urges she desperately wants to take care of - but to her, Tidus is still her man, and she always will be - holding onto the hope that one day he comes back to her. But in the mean time... she's a warm blooded woman who has urges that need to be taken care of - and she need not worry, because she is going to be taken care of really good in that regard. Her help is going to be coming to her in the form of some scaly and slimy tentacles. They will come out and quickly and easily ensnare her, keeping her wrapped up tightly in bondage while totally unable to even move a muscle as the long and slimy appendages come towards her and enthusiastically fuck her mouth, pussy, and asshole. All of the text in this game is in Japanese, but don't worry - there's really no need to actually need to learn and Japanese, since it's only about 3 of 4 buttons labeled with text to worry about. After a few clicks, you'll have things all figured out as far as what buttons change up the scene and allow you to pose Yuna in various different positions and ways. This is a must play title for any of us who ever enjoyed the Final Fantasy games, especially those oh so gorgeous girls that the series always has in ample supply. This is most definitely a title that you will not want to miss out on!