Black Jerk V2

Here's a top notch XXX title that offers you all of the fun of going to the casino and playing a game of black jack, but without the very real threat of actually losing your shirt and getting careless with your gambling during the process. One great thing you get that the vast majority of casinos won't give you (though if you know some that do - by all means, tell us!) is that you get to watch a steamy XXX show while you play your hand. The rules of the game are just as they would be at a casino, but in case you're not familiar with the game here's how it works. Click on cards trying to get 21 points in total, which is also known as black jack. Once you manage to get 21 points, you win and receive the pot. Standard bets are $20, and the initial value of your bank is also $20. Be careful not to end up with more than 21 points, because if you do you'll go bust and you lose you bank and go down one level. Once you're able to amass $100 in your bank, the game moves up to the next level. What's great about the higher levels is that the action you see in the steamy show gets all that much more erotic and explicit. Card values in game are as follows: numbered cards are worth the number value printed on them, Jacks, Queens, and Kings are all worth 10 each, and aces can be worth either 1 or 11 points.



Hot Beaches

Hot Beaches

Your favorite time of year has come once again when you go on vacation, and this time around you and your boner inducing blue haired pixie babe of a grlfriend decided to spend it on a nice and secluded beach with each other. You've settled down into a nice and sunny spot on the shores, and now your girlfriend needs you to oil her up. Naturally, the two of you being horny youngsters with ample privacy, things will get steamy - but first, build her up a bit. Rub her all over as she gets oiled up, then slowly turn up the heat, grabbing gently at her tits, teasing her, then fingering her. Once you've gotten her motor running, take your big thick prick out and make her wrap those soft and skilled lips of hers tight as can be around it. Lay her back down and let your tongue dance wildly all over her pussy and clit, then when she can't wait another second longer for it, slip your cock inside of her tight vagina. You can do things however you want in this game, from acts and positions to when it's time to cum - you can take your pick of pulling out and hosing her down real good head to toe in a thick blast of your hot and sticky cum, or if you'd prefer, just leave your cock inside of her as you erupt, emptying every last drop of your hot cum into her tight and eager hole. The gameplay is pretty easy to get the hang of and straight forward. Just as you should always be doing in real life, listen to the things your girl wants and requests, and be aware that at certain times this might require just a tiny bit of reading between the lines to figure out what it is that she really truly is craving. Though if you're too rushed to be bothered with all the build up, you can let the game take over for you and just click on the green arrows to skip ahead. However you wanna do it and play it is all up to you- making Hot Beaches a great XXX game.