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BJ Country 2

Somehow, the developers of this game have managed to take a game that was seemingly damn near perfection and made it even better in the sequel! BJ Country 2 is taking everything that you loved and enjoyed about the first title and then turning literally every knob on it up all of the way. The game will have you exploring, open world style in the in gmae city, where you will be a guy who is on the hunt for some gorgeous and horny honeys who are aching to have a whole slew of sex toys slid inside of their tight and eager holes. Naturally, what you will need to do here is get your hands on the particular toys that each girl is seeking out, find them, and then bring it back to them. For your efforts, you'll then be treated to a hot and steamy show of them using it on themselves! Your ultimate challenge in this top notch XXX title will be to see if you really have what it takes to satisfy all of the needs of each and every one of these lonely and horny hot housewives? Everything about this game is a real treat - the visuals are top notch, composed of extremely and explicitly detailed live action video clips in high definition, some mild to moderately complex puzzles to challenge your brain, tight controls, fun game play, steamy sound effects, and most importantly ample amounts of hot action - making this one a title that you will most certainly not want to miss out on!