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Anal Reprogramming

Now here's a type of programming that I think most of us can get behind! Anal Reprogramming star the drop dead gorgeous babe Vivi, who is a hybrid creature that straddles the line between a human and a computer program. Things were going nicely for her while she was relaxing and enjoying a digital simulation of a beach, but suddenly everything warps into a twisted nightmare. Her systems are being attacked by a virus, and it's changing everything around in quite quickly. Before she knows it the beach is long gone, replaced by a cold, sterile, digital like room where she finds herself in a two piece swim suit as she's restrained in a chair. Up along the upper left corner of the screen there are buttons that you can click to perform various different actions, such as stripping off her clothes and sliding a nice big dildo into that eager round butt of hers. Through the dildo, you can inject her with a few different special stimulants - one of them makes her tits swell up to massive proportions, and another one will make her sprout a cock. Use them again and you can further increase the sizes of things. On top of all of that, there's also buttons you can click to do more things such as giving her a nice and messy anal creampie, making her lactate, or even using her own big tits to fuck her self!



Gloryhole Blowjobs

Gloryhole Blowjobs

After facing what seemed like almost certain destruction at the hands of Zemus and his puppet Golbez, the Blue Planet is once again safe, thanks entirely to the incredibly heroic efforts of Rydia, Cecil, Rosa, Kain, and Edge. The mysterious red moon has gone away, and with it a new era of peace and prosperity has spread across the lands, much to the delight of the citizens of all of the kingdoms that are now unified as opposed to feuding. It's great, though for young Rydia, it all just seems so boring to her after the crazy few weeks she had saving the world. She needed something new in her life to bring back that feeling of excitement she's craving, so she mounts her loyal Chocobo and sets out across the land, travelling for a while until she finds a seedy little village with a sex club. She had never come across this place on her previous quest, so she's extra intrigued by it and dismounts her bird, entering the village and making her way inside of the club. She finds herself in a private room, noticing there's six holes cut out into the walls. "Hmm, what are those there for?" she says to herself, and literally right on cue - six cocks emerge from them. A huge grin spreads across Rydia's sexy young face as she drops down to her knees and puts her mouth, lips, tongue, and hands to work in perfect harmony on all of the dicks, making sure to work them like a pro until she gets each and every one of them to erupt and leave her coated head to toe in sticky cum. Play this game if you're craving to see the sort of steamy XXX action that Square Enix always cheats us out of every time that they put out another Final Fantasy game!