2048 Blocks

Here's a game sure to appeal to you if you're a fan of puzzles just as much as you're a fan of pornography! This game is a classic example of a game that is easy to learn, yet tough to fully master it. This is yet another twist on the 2048 style of game. To play, click on a block to shift it's position over into an empty space. When you get two blocks together of the same value next to each other, the two blocks can then be merged together. The two tiles will disappear from the playing field and a new one that takes their places will carry the value of the sum of the two tiles making it up. Merge together all of the blocks on the playing field to ideally reach your target value (and also the top/perfect score in game) of 2048. Here's a tip to make the game a little bit easier for you - blocks have preferable directions to be shifted in. If there are several empty spaces around a block it will chose the direction to move with the following priority - top, left, down, right. As you may have come to expect with our titles, the XXX sights and sounds contained within this top notch title start out relatively tame at lower levels, but as you get higher up in score, the sights and sounds get all that much more explicit and erotic, sure to stimulate your senses real good!